Licenced Material Removal

Licensed Materials

Generally any material with an asbestos content greater than 0.1% by weight and having an overall density of less than 1 tonne per cubic metre is classed by the HSE as a licensed material. Asbestos materials used for insulation, asbestos coatings and AIB are classed as licensed materials and work on them is regulated by the control of asbestos regulations 2012. Work on or the removal of these materials requires 14 day notification to the HSE and should follow any current Approved Codes of Practice

PASS (UK) Ltd offers a full asbestos removal service / project management service. We do not have an association with any asbestos removal contractors and this allows us to be completely independent and unbiased. Our removal project management service may be considered as part of a surveying contract or as a separate service and includes:

  • Site meetings to outline proposals
  • Selection of a suitable removal contractor via the process of best value tender
  • Written specification of work
  • Inspections throughout the contracted work and final inspection
  • Final report containing the initial notification of work, intermittent and final clearance air test results, waste consignment and disposal forms

Prior to carry out any work managed by PASS (UK) Ltd, all asbestos removal contractors will be require to show evidence of:

  • Appropriate HSE licensing
  • Health monitoring of its employees
  • Training qualifications and refresher training
  • Appropriate insurance
  • Membership to a recognised trade association with links to work with asbestos

Un-Licenced Material Removal

Un-Licensed Materials

Generally any material with an asbestos content greater than 0.1% by weight but having an overall density of greater than 1 tonnes per cubic metre.

Still regulated by the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, work upon or their removal does not require notification to the HSE, nor do articles made from bitumen, plastic, resin or rubber. that contain asbestos. Other exemptions include products used at high temperature but which have no insulation purpose, such as gaskets, washers and seals.

Asbestos Removal

Work on or the removal of un-licensed materials does not have to be carried by an HSE licensed removal contractor. However persons carrying out works upon or removal should have undertaken cat b asbestos training

 The work has to be carried out in line with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 and in particular Regulation 10 “Prevention or reduction of exposure to asbestos”. All waste produced must be disposed of in line with the current Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005. PASS (UK) Limited can advise on all aspect of work involving un-licensed materials. From health and safety to complying with asbestos legislation by:

  • Producing method statements for correct working procedures
  • Providing air monitoring test results to confirm the method statement complies with Regulation 10
  • Supplying correct disposable protective clothing and disposable P3 dust masks (usually recommended as a precautionary measure)
  • Arranging the collection and correct disposal of un-licensed asbestos containing materials