Asbestos Testing

We aim to return your report on the analysis of your sample 1-2 days from receipt of the sample, The reports are delivered to you by email in PDF, but we can supply printed copies upon request.  

Samples received after 15.30 on a Thursday will not be analysed until the following Monday at the earliest or Tuesday following a bank holiday weekend

The only sure way to prove whether or not a material contains asbestos is to use a testing service. A laboratory carrying out asbestos testing must be accredited by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).

In some instances it may be necessary for an asbestos material that cannot be readily identified as being non-asbestos to be sampled and analysed using our asbestos testing service.

Asbestos Testing Charge Rate

  • Single sample - £27.60
  • Each additional sample (purchased at the same time as a single sample) - £12.00

The above costs are inclusive of VAT

For ordering and payment facilities, please make your choice below:

The discovery of an asbestos containing material has the potential to reduce the value of any property. When purchasing a property ask your surveyor to find out if any known asbestos containing materials exist or alert you of any suspect materials and have them checked out.

PASS (UK) Ltd offer two options.

Site Visit

Attend the building or area, take sample/s of the material, analyse them and report the findings along with guidance on how to safely carry out any planned work or maintenance. (this option may not be available in all areas and is mainly intended for larger building and large numbers of samples)

Sample Pack

Upon request we will send you a sampling pack containing pre-labeled sample bags, protective gloves, disposable wipes and if necessary disposable P3 dust masks and disposable overalls along with full guidance on how to take a sample (it may not always be advisable to take samples without adequate training. We will offer advice concerning this issue). A postage paid business reply envelope is also provided to return to us samples for analysis and any used wipes or gloves for disposal.

Testing of asbestos containing material. Laboratory sample analysis is the only sure way to prove whether or not a material contains asbestos.