Sample Pack

Where safe to do so, samples of materials for analysis may be taken by non trained persons. Bonded materials (Asbestos cement, plastic and bitumen products) using the sampling method below are unlikely to give rise to asbestos fibre release.

Isolated debris from fibrous materials that can be accessed without causing airborne contamination may also be recovered for analysis using the following method.

If you are unsure of what is safe to sample then contact us using the form below for further guidance and advice. If possible include a photo of the material to be sampled.

Ordering a sample pack is easy, select the number of samples requiring analysis and follow instructions. Sample packs requested before 3.30pm will be dispatched the same day by 1st class business post. See Below

Asbestos Testing Charge Rate

  • Single sample - £27.60
  • Each additional sample (purchased at the same time as a single sample) - £12.00

The above costs are inclusive of VAT

Disposable masks and coveralls can be ordered from the consumables page.

Sampling Method

If safe to do so, the material to be sampled should be gently damped down using a fine water spray prior to and during the sample taking. A hand operated plant sprayer is suitable for this. If the material is brittle the sample should be gently snapped off, samples from softer materials should be cut with a safety blade.

Keep the sample bag close to the sample site, after taking the sample, place it into its marked sample bag and seal it. Clean the sampling tool, disposable gloves and if necessary the sample bag with a wet wipe.

Place the wet wipe and disposable gloves in the sealable bag marked waste. Return the samples along with the completed information sheet and waste bag to us in the postage paid envelope. Your sample analysis results will be returned by email or post (when requested) along with recommendation and advice sheets.

Analysis of Sample

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