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Sample taking of fibrous materials, especially those in a poor condition, if not carried out in a correct manner can give rise to airborne fibre release.

Work on most fibrous materials fall within the HSEs licensing regulations (see DIY Inspection for guidance). Although sample taking does not fall within this category it is usually only carried out by adequately trained persons.

Sample taking of bonded asbestos materials (asbestos cement, thermoplastic floor tiles, bitumen products, etc) can usually be carried out safely whilst damping down using a fine water spray and in most instances be carried out by untrained persons using the method detailed on our Sample Pack page.

If you are not familiar with correct sample taking methods and the use of dust suppression techniques it is advisable to contact us for advice and if necessary to arrange a site visit

Sample analysis cost is as listed but the site visit incurs a call out charge

Mileage from the centre of Peterborough Site visit charge
Up to 5 Miles
£75.00 including 1st sample
6 - 10 Miles
£90.00 including 1st sample
11 - 15 Miles
£105.00 including 1st sample
16 - 20 Miles
£120.00 including 1st sample
21 - 25 Miles
£135.00 including 1st sample
26+ Miles
Contact us

Whilst on site the surveyor will be able to give advice on recommended actions concerning the material being sampled and within reason other asbestos containing materials and related issues. Sample analysis results will be returned by post along with recommendation and advice sheets.

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