• We are an Eco-friendly company – The postage packaging, sample bags and other bags in our sample kits are made from either paper or recycled and recyclable LDPE. The gloves we supply are biodegradable. Eco Best Technology® enables the glove to biodegrade once disposed of in landfill. We continue trying to source biodegradable face masks!!
  • We are an Ethical company – As well as being biodegradable the disposable gloves we supply are powder free and latex free - ideal for people with a Type I latex sensitivity
  • We have been offering web ordering sample analysis since 2003 and believe we were the first company to do this
  • We monitor our charges and are to be pleased to be very competitively priced
  • We have supplied sample analysis far afield, from the Canadian Red Cross following the Thailand Tsunami, an engineering company undertaking power station work in Kazakhstan to the Barbados Royal Yacht Club as well as numerous UK businesses and households