Sprayed coatings sometimes referred to as flock or limpet were widely used from the 1950s until the late 1970s. Sprayed under either high or low pressure, the mixture contained varying high levels of asbestos, in addition to other adhesives and resins. In some instances the spray coating becomes un-noticeably detached from the steel work and if disturbed can cause large areas of the coating to fall off. This will contaminate the surrounding area and release a large amount of airborne fibres.


Asbestos pipe lagging was a plaster-based product, manufactured with up to +90% asbestos fibres. Extremely friable, asbestos thermal insulation is considered very dangerous if damaged as the potential for fibre release is extremely high. As with the sprayed coating, the hand applied insulation can be detached from the pipe work and fall off if disturbed when trying to take a sample from it.